• about me

      Hi! My name is Jane and I’m the creator, designer, and photographer (and everything in between) of Happy Dappy Bits. I have been employed as a full-time Graphic Designer and Art Director for various corporations over the years before venturing off on my own (terrifying and exciting at the same time!) to pursue my love of design in a more hands-on way. My love of colors and patterns, stuff that rhymes, all things cute, happy and cheerful could not be restrained…and Happy Dappy Bits was officially born!

      I love handmade things, my Apple devices, and video games — co-op adventures being my fave. I currently reside in a small town in Westchester County, located just outside the hustle and bustle of New York City, with my fiancé (aka personal website engineer and biggest supporter!) and a growing collection of plants and succulents. Check out my personal site to view my awards and accolades for design and photography.

      Visit my shop, and see the products I’ve had so much fun creating. My collection of handcrafted greeting cards, mini journals / sketchbooks, art prints, gift tags & other papery goodness is ever-growing. I’m always adding more designs so check back often!

      Check out my blog to keep up to date on my new projects. There you’ll find all the things I find inspiring and unique. It’s also the place where I share my process and any announcements about my upcoming works.

      Thank you for visiting my site!

      • contact me

        Like something in my shop but want it in a different color, size, or a variation on the theme? Or do you have questions about anything you see here or just want to say hello? I’ll be happy to send you a quick note, contact me at [email protected].

        Have you found something eco-friendly you’d love to share? I’m always interested in unique designs, environmentally friendly products, and thoughtful gifts. Tell me all about it here and it could end up featured on my blog!

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        Wholesale orders are welcome and I am currently accepting new accounts. I offer retail packaging, discounted samples, and wholesale pricing. Contact me at [email protected] for information on line sheets and more!

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        Happy Dappy Bits is located in the U.S. but ships anywhere in the world! To learn more, head on over to my shop policies.

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